Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Ta-dah! Tuesday - Gemmipop Designs Giveaway

What do you think of my new brooch? I bought it from the lovely Gemma at Gemmipop Designs on Etsy, who I discovered via our respective blogs. I love how she's brought the traditional cameo design right up to date, and the fact that it kind of looks like me when I have my hair back.

I went for white because I knew immediately which jacket I'd wear it on, but cameo lady is also available in loads of other shades. She's made from acrylic and costs £6.00.

Gemma also uses her laser cutter to create lots of cute animal brooches, as well as necklaces, earrings and cufflinks. Here's a few of my picks from her shop:

Happily, Gemma has offered one follower of Faith Hope and Charity Shopping £10.00 to spend on pretties from her shop - yay!

The giveaway is open to all followers of my blog - UK and overseas. All you need to do is visit Gemmipop Designs and then leave a comment on this post saying which your favourite item is. Please also state how you follow FHCS and make sure you leave a way for me to contact you.

For an extra entry you can follow me and Gemma on Twitter, also tweeting I've entered to win @gemmipopdesigns jewellery with @FHCShopping http://tinyurl.com/btbum2o

Alternatively you can gain an extra entry by blogging about the giveaway or putting the following badge on your blog.

I will draw a winner on 5th August. Good luck!

Do link up your ta-dahs as usual, that's if you've done anything other than eat '99s now that the Summer has finally made an appearance. [I'd really appreciate it if you'd please link back to this post if you do add your own.]

Lakota x


  1. My favourite item is the lovely tea pot brooch - I never wear brooches but this would change all that... I also love the star earrings that you show Lakota but can't see them in Gemmipop's shop anywhere. Yes I'm a follower - so please enter me! :-)

    1. I think Gemma just needs to re-add the listing to her Etsy shop, probably someone has bought a pair so it temporarily disappears until she can put it back up.

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  3. I love the cow brooch! perhaps in a wacky colour??
    I follow via GFC!

  4. Awesome giveaway! The lovely Gemma made my name necklace. I follow you via GFC. I really like the teapot brooches. xx

    whoops forgot email address

    vintage_sweetheart @ hotmail . com

  5. Ooh what a fab giveaway! Going to check out Gemma's shop right now!
    Victoria xx

  6. I really like the goldfish - although it would be cool to get the glasses necklace in red, same as my glasses:D

  7. These are utterly wonderful- the cameo & stars remind me of daughter #2, and the specs & dogs of daughter #1. Must check out this site [I have tweeted]

    blessings xx

  8. Oh this stuff is all the rage now, must check it all out.
    BTW linky thing not working for me...is it just me?

    1. I did set it so you have to have a backlink, but I know you always do link to me, so it's obviously not working properly, maybe because you're in a different country? I've fiddled with it, try again now.

  9. Oh my goodness, I love everything on the site! I'd hapily wear the poodle brooch, the swan brooch or the glasses necklace for starters, but my absoluuuute favourite is the flamingo brooch! Soo 1950's kitch and reminds me of when I used to live in the south of France! (I follow you on google reader, my email is busyvintagebee [at] gmail.com)

  10. Love the flamingo and the bunnies so would love to enter!

  11. I'd have to go for this : http://www.etsy.com/listing/93268511/laser-cut-acrylic-teapot-brooch but tempted by so much more!

    I follow on GFC, and both of you on twitter, and I have tweeted about the competition as well!


    sweetsoulmusic @gmail.com

  12. Ooh I love the glasses necklace, definitely my favourite!
    I follow on GFC, follow you both on twitter and have tweeted about the giveaway :) xxx

  13. It does look like you Lakota. I thought so as soon as I saw it. Being a West Aussie, I think I'd have to choose the black swan (our state emblem and a cool brooch regardless)
    I follow you and Gemma x

  14. My fav has to be the blue swallow brooch - would be perfect with the rest of my collection.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  15. I love that fab cameo - and THE PINK POODLE!!! I follow your blog and facebook and twitter and sometimes I follow you home from the shops and watch you through your bedroom window... And I tweeted and smoke signalled and carrier pigeoned and I have your name tattooed on my glorious arse. So I hope I win! Sarah xxx

  16. Gorgeous giveaway! I have been looking for the perfect poodle brooch for some time, I think that is probably my favourite though it is tough to choose just one!

    I'm following on GFC
    I follow you both on Twitter and I tweeted (@cupidsbow1414)

    You can contact me on Twitter if I win :)

    Janey xx

  17. All of her designs are super cute. I really like the swallow, parakeet, gray hound, but the cat eye glasses are my fav.

  18. I am following you on GFC as Gillian Holmes.

    @gholmes724 gholmes724 ((at)) gmail ((d0t)) com

    I love the Laser Cut Acrylic Teapot Brooch

  19. https://twitter.com/gholmes724/status/227745204868878336

    I have followed Twitter and tweeted as @gholmes724

  20. What great designs! It was hard but I think that my favorite is the bird brooches with the little birds on the limbs. I follow you with the Google Friend thingie.

  21. I follow you on Google Reader. As a hedgehog owner I had to choose the hedgehog brooch ;)

  22. ooh, those cats eye glasses necklaces, i love necklaces with glasses on, cos i wear specs myself! :)

  23. My fave item is the bunny brooch (and the pigs and hedgehogs!)
    I follow you with google friend connect (I think that's what it's called anyway!)

  24. Finally I can comment!!!!!! These cameos are really cool I am loving the pink and orange one. Can't wait to see a picture of YOU rocking it!!!!

  25. I want the pink poodle, it's the most fabulous thing ever! What a clever girl she is!
    I follow you on GFC, Twitter and Facebook!
    goanmad (at) hotmail (dot) com

  26. Ah they are all so cute!! :) That cameo is so elegant, I think the bunny brooch might have to be my favourite though.

    I am following you on GFC and Twitter.

    Florrie x


  27. The shark! No, wait, the stegasaurus! No, no, the flamingo earrings! Oh it's so hard- everything is lovely :)

    Katie x

    P.S I follow you via blogger

  28. Wow! This stuff is so lovely! I am in love with the teapot brooch - it is so me - although I would have real trouble choosing just one colour!

    Please count me in! I follow you on blogger, and I'm now following you both on twitter and tweeted! xx

  29. No tah-dahs for me today because... Well I'm lame! I have to enter this competition though, I love these brooches. Xx

  30. My favourite item is the scotty dog brooch. I love hounds, so I'd definitely use the £10 to buy one of those... Not sure which colour. I follow the blog through friend connect. I'm off to tweet now. Xx

  31. My my what a fab giveaway - thanks for teh intro to such a cute label. I'm spoilt for choice: tempted by the Scottie Dog as I had one very similar that I bought from Tammy Girl when I was about 12!. That said I love a tea pot motif. My 6 year old would love the dinosaur and I'm also drawn to the simple star earrings (I'll take one in every colour).
    Anyway..... have followed on twitter and tweeted!

  32. Oh you know i follow by GFC too :-)

  33. Fab giveaway! I love the deer necklace the most - so cute!
    I follow you by GFC. Done the twitter malarkey - I'm @countrygirldoes
    fingers crossed!

  34. The hedgehog brooch is my favorite. He's got lots of character!
    I follow on Twitter and Bloglovin'. I also tweeted about the giveaway.

    Thanks for offering this giveaway!
    joyatri.animals (at) gmail.com

  35. I love these, might need a few for pressies :) x

  36. Hi I love the kitty brooch, but they are all fabulous! I follow you on Google Reader.

  37. Great Post. I follow your Blog now.
    Please follow me.


  38. I think my fave is the bow shaped necklace! But I like all of it.

    I follow on twitter and have tweeted too! :)

  39. I like I ABSOLUTELY love that hedgehog brooch as well as the cameo one, but I think she probably based those delicate features on my own petite visage.
    off to stalk you both on twatter

  40. I like the swallow brooches best

    I have tweeted & followed you both on twitter (using my @minibreakmummy account)

    I subscribe to this blog via e-mail

  41. All Ive done is eat the 99s LOL but I can't wait to read everyone elses!

  42. Ooh! Tough choice, but I think my favourites are the Bird Brooches.

  43. Oh sorry, I follow by Bloglovin' Gx

  44. What a lovely giveaway! I've just checked out her etsy shop and there are so many cute things!!! My favourites are definitely the teapot brooch in black and the bunny brooch in white! If I don't win I will definitely have to buy them myself!

    I follow through GFC and my email is: vainglorysinner(at)hotmail.co.uk

  45. Oh how hell did I miss this?
    Well I adore the cat eye sunglasses necklace and poodle , swan brooch. Deer necklace too.
    I will tweet in a bit.

  46. Great giveaway. I love loads of stuff on the site but particularly love the glasses necklace.
    I'm following you both on twitter & have tweeted @middleageddrama.


  47. What a lovely give away. The Foxy brooch is gorgeous. I'm a follower :-)

  48. Beautiful things! My favourite is the goldfish. It's hard to choose, so many lovely items!
    I follow your blog via Google Friend Connect.
    My email address is glitzykitty@gmail.com

    thank you for this giveaway!

  49. Love the robot cufflinks, also the sausage dog brooch :)

    I stalk you via GFC haha

  50. Ooh the teapot. No wait! The cameo brooch in black. I want them all! Lovely giveaway - thank you!
    I follow via GFC


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